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"We like how Strategic Farm Marketing will come to our house to sit down and explain the different insurance products and which ones would best suit our farm. We really like working with a close knit group of guys where any agent/broker can answer our questions, not just the individual we normally work with."

Dennis Wirth,
Shelby Co., IL
"These guys do outstanding research to help me come up with a sound marketing plan and the crop insurance product that has the best protection for the dollar spent."

Jeff Kirwan,
Mercer, Co., IL
"Strategic Farm Marketing does a great job analyzing every possible angle of crop insurance and grain marketing to come up with the plan that is best for our farm."

Randy Salsbery
Salsbery Pork Producers,
Tipton, Co., IN

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SFM Services
Evening Market E-MailThis is an evening wire from the Linn Group that reviews the day's price action in the grains and discusses the expectations for the next session. Included are cash markets, export sales, weather, trade activity, fund activity and general technical information.
Morning Grain E-Mail (Pre-Open)This one page wire comes out prior to the morning's grain market open. It projects the expected market open. Other focus areas are international and policy, volume and open interest, weather, deliveries and cash markets. An excellent, concise market summary.
Trend ChartsThe trend charts are produced by SFM and are sent daily. They include several indicators, including moving averages, MACD and Stochastics. A one line summary indicates both the short term and long term trends. © Copyright
Mayer's Market Updates & Strategy DiscussionThese e-mails sent by SFM's Bill Mayer focus on what is currently happening in the markets. Technical information to relationships between various fundamental factors are included. The focus is on what to expect from the market, but more importantly, what to do about it.
Trading StrategiesThis is a daily one page morning e-mail showing a list of 25 commodities. Trend, support and resistance is shown for each commodity. One or more trading strategies are recommended - showing entry point, stop levels and exit point.
Markets on CellThis service delivers futures quotes via text message. The quotes are sent at pre-determined times - or you can simply dial a toll free number and get quotes immediately. You determine the commodities you want to see and the times you would like to have them sent.
Crop Condition Conference CallThis is one of our most popular services. SFM conducts these calls on a bi-weekly basis throughout the growing season. Clients throughout a ten state area report their current crop conditions via round table discussion. Roy Huckabay from LG joins in to discuss the current grain market situation.
Phone Voice AlertsThis is a relatively new service offered by SFM. Voice alerts are sent to your phone on a periodic basis as needed (for example after reports or when the markets are making a major move). The goal is to keep you aware of market happenings in an easy to use format.
Text AlertsThe text alert service is similar to the voice alert above, but alerts are sent via text and are therefore more concise. Alerts are sent after USDA reports, or if markets are making a major move and action is recommended.
Monthly Newsletter & General RecommendationsThis newsletter is four pages and filled with fundamental and technical information, color graphics, tables, important dates and pertinent crop insurance and policy happenings. Each letter includes a summary of the recommended sales for each grain for each particular crop year.
Market EducationSFM strives to keep our clients well informed about the various market tools available including cash contracts, options, futures, crop insurance and government programs. This is accomplished through the use of printed material, articles and webinars.
Monthly Market WebinarThis service is still in the development stage, with the goal of providing a regular forum for clients to exchange and obtain information during the months of November through March. It is meant to compliment the conference calls held during the growing season.
LGM Monthly QuotesThe Livestock Gross Margin Insurance (LGM) is a tool to help dairy, swine and beef producers better manage their risk. Government quotes are available only once per month currently. SFM has developed an efficient method to deliver these quotes and allow you to purchase insurance on a timely basis.
Market Dynamics Research BookThis annual research manual is packed with historical analysis from both a U.S. and Global standpoint. Focus is placed on past price patterns and how those patterns can aid our market decision making process. This manual is a must in developing your marketing plan.
Revenue Maximizer - Economic AnalysisOur Revenue Maximizer gives us the ability to assist you in developing a marketing plan, evaluating which crop to plant, cash sales, option strategies and insurance plans. We also do a thorough economic analysis of your cost of production and profit opportunities.
Specific RecommendationsWith this service, recommendations are given for a specific percent of crop by year and include target dates and prices and percent to sell at those price levels. Recommendations are updated as needed via e-mail.
Web Access to Recommendation HistoryProducers enrolled in one of our premium services have the ability to access the web via password and review past and current sales recommendations.
One-on-One Market Discussion (Toll Free, inbound)SFM prides itself on being the leader in the industry when it comes to combining your marketing plan and crop insurance into a format that is straight forward and easy to understand. This service allows you to call and discuss your individual marketing plan with our experienced staff.
Sales Record TrackingThis service begins prior to planting, listing specific farm units and expected production on each unit as well as expected total production of each crop. Throughout the year, as sales are made or positions are executed, we keep the records so your percent sold and average price is available immediately.
SFM PRofit Tracker by Grain BridgeCreate your own personal crop plan by whole-farm, farm entity or even field-by-field. Build plans for multiple crop years. Incorporate crop insurance, break-even analysis and profit targets.
Individual Market Plan and Phone Follow UpThis service focuses on your operation, laying out an individualized marketing plan and following up with you on a regular basis to make sure it gets executed. Sales record tracking is included. Your cash flow, tax, storage and logistics are all taken into consideration.
Making Sales To The ElevatorThis service is available if you would rather let us make the sales directly to the elevator. A power of attorney form is required.

Crop Insurance

At Strategic Farm Marketing, we have the industry's best understanding of how to utilize the value of crop insurance as part of an effective grain marketing plan. We analyze all aspects of your farming operation to determine the crop insurance product and marketing plan that has the best opportunity for farm profitability with the least amount of risk. We use our Revenue Maximizer software and other analytical tools to help guide the decision-making process. We offer all types of crop insurance, including county based insurance products and crop-hail coverage. We also offer digital mapping, and are one of the few agencies that can offer supplemental replant & prevent coverage for GRP & GRIP policies. Please see the "Crop Insurance" page for details on various crop insurance products.

Why Buy Your Crop Insurance from Strategic Farm Marketing?
  • We are crop insurance AND grain marketing experts.
  • We tie together your insurance coverage, cash sales, call options, and government programs in a way that makes it easy to make management decisions for your farm.
  • We do the research necessary to make the producer feel comfortable that they have made a well thought out decision.
  • We follow the goals of the farming operation. For some farms it is strictly cost, others it is protection, but for most it is give me the best protection I can get for the money I have budgeted.
  • Our Revenue Maximizer allows you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing plan.
  • Strategic Farm Marketing is one of the few agencies that can offer supplemental Replant and Prevent Plant Coverage for GRIP and GRP policies.
  • We study grain market trends, supply & demand tables, and technical studies to determine grain marketing opportunities. We also use this information to help us determine the likelihood of a claim on a particular insurance product.
  • We help you determine which crop you should plant and why.
  • We make sure your crop insurance was done correctly, because this is your ultimate safety net.
  • Strategic Farm Marketing is a registered commodity brokerage firm and can execute any futures or options order that you want to do.
  • We also have grain marketing programs available for those who need more assistance marketing the crop.
  • Strategic Farm Marketing is also experienced with the Weatherbill line of products and how they may provide additional protection to your bottom line when used in conjunction with traditional crop insurance.

  • Click here to view the Policy Descriptions of the different types of crop insurance policies currently offered. Click here to view a Summary Table comparing the various policy types. These documents, courtesy of ADM Crop Risk Services, are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to access this file. If you would like more information about this information, please call us at 1-800-383-0046 or go to the Contact Us page to contact us online.

    Coverage cannot be bound without confirmation.
    In accordance with Federal civil rights law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, the USDA, its Agencies, offices, and employees, and institutions participating in or administering USDA programs are prohibited from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, family/parental status, income derived from a public assistance program, political beliefs, or reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity, in any program or activity conducted or funded by USDA (not all bases apply to all programs). Remedies and complaint filing deadlines vary by program or incident.

    Persons with disabilities who require alternative means of communication for program information (e.g., Braille, large print, audiotape, American Sign Language, etc.) should contact the responsible Agency or USDA's TARGET Center at (202) 720-2600 (voice and TTY) or contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339. Additionally, program information may be made available in languages other than English.

    To file a program discrimination complaint, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, AD-3027, found online at How to File a Program Discrimination Complaint and at any USDA office or write a letter addressed to USDA and provide in the letter all of the information requested in the form. To request a copy of the complaint form, call (866) 632-9992. Submit your completed form or letter to USDA by: (1) mail: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410; (2) fax: (202) 690-7442; or (3) email: program.intake@usda.gov.

    USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

    Commodity Brokerage

    Futures and Options Education and Mentoring
    Daily Market Emails
    Weekly radio spots
    Online Account Access
    Numerous Futures and Options Strategies
    Market Commentary

    There are three key elements to a successful brokerage and marketing service:
    1. The first is an unbiased, objective information source. One that is not influenced by other factors or influences within the marketplace. An independent consultant can best achieve this element.
    2. Customization is a second element. Each farmer's needs vary greatly and the same farmer may have varying needs from year to year or farm to farm. A blanket, one strategy fits all approach will be disadvantaged.
    3. Implementation is the final element. The attributes of a particular strategy becomes unimportant if action does not take place. Using experience to determine the correct plan and then implementing it becomes the key to success. By being in a position as an introducing broker and licensed insurance agent, we can execute a marketing plan.

    Understanding of the options, futures and cash markets is only enhanced through experience. The brokers at Strategic Farm Marketing have been working with the grain options markets since their inception. They also have experience in the cash and futures markets.

    Total Farm Marketing

    In this program, SFM becomes the marketing manager for the farm operation. This includes working on all aspects of grain marketing as directed by the farm owner or operator. Areas of responsibility include developing a merchandising plan, recommending merchandising actions and carrying out those approved by the farmer, recommending futures price levels for final sales of grain based on research, making the grain sales to the grain elevator, developing strategies for maintaining pricing rights, and responding to any and all requests by the farm owner or operator for market research or market information.

    In addition, these clients receive all market letters and written marketing strategies. Computer spreadsheets for some marketing strategies and merchandising questions are available and can be used to quickly evaluate the strategies' value to the farm business. These farm owners or operators have toll free phone access to Strategic Farm Marketing's personnel.

    Marketing Dynamics
    In this program SFM assists the operator in developing the marketing plan. This program is designed for the farm owner or operator who wants all of the information included in "Market Dynamics" annual update service, market letters, strategy papers, annual marketing plan and access to all strategy evaluation spreadsheets. These farm owners or operators retain the responsibility of making and recording their own cash sales. They also have toll free phone access to Strategic Farm Marketing's personnel.

    Hands Free Marketing (per bushel fee)
    The hands free program allows the producer to assign a specific number of bushels to be marketed. In addition to the number of bushels, the delivery period and location are designated. Various marketing tools can be used if desired. This program uses incremental sales on a scale up basis, using seasonal and technical indicators to trigger sales. Fees are charged on a per bushel basis.

    Market Strategy
    The Market Strategy program allows access to Strategic Farm Marketing's monthly market letters and our annual "Market Dynamics" book. This service also includes text and phone strategy alerts, regular market updates and specific strategy recommendations via e-mail. This service is intended only for those that want no one-on-one marketing assistance other than receiving our recommendations and research.